Where do I place my order?

Placing an order is as simple as heading to our “Film Services” page.

How can I check the status of my order?

You will receive an email when we begin your order, confirming that your film is in our hands and safe!...

Do you return negatives to me?

Yes, we can return negatives.

I am a local customer and want to pick up my negatives/prints.

You can reach out to arrange a pickup time window to get your order.

What kind of film can you develop?

What kind of film can you develop? Gelatin Labs develops: 35mm Color C-41 and Black+White film. 120 Black+White film.

If I order prints, how many prints do I receive?

For the rolls/cameras you have purchased prints for, we will print one copy of each image developed.

My roll turned out blank. Do you refund it?

For blank rolls, we refund the scan cost associated with it.

Can you develop single-use disposable cameras?

Yes! Thanks for asking.

Do you offer a Gift Card?

Yep, and it’s the best gift around.

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