What address should I send film to?

Gelatin Labs 2395 Springfield Ave Vauxhall, NJ 07088

Is there anything I need to include in my package (besides my film)?

We require all customers to write their order number on the outside of their package (at the very least).

How do you recommend packaging film?

Most customers send film in bubble mailers via USPS. Media Mail is the most affordable service.

Do I have to worry about my film being XRAYed by USPS?

We haven’t seen any affects of an X-RAY on orders unless the customer traveled through an airport with their film.

Can I receive a mailing label to get my order to Gelatin Labs?

For certain size orders, we include a label with your returned negatives to ship your next order to us

How will I know when you have received my film?

We recommend getting tracking on your shipment. When your package reports it has been delivered, that means that it has been signed for by our receiving service.

What carrier do you use to ship my film/prints back?

United States Postal Service.

Will I get tracking when my film/prints are heading back to me?

You will receive an email with detailed tracking when USPS scans in your package.

How do I drop-off and pickup my film?

If you are local to South Orange, NJ, you can request our local drop-off address.

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