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Each person has a different way of living their life to the fullest by adhering to their responsibilities and spending leisure time with their hobbies. Some have photography as their pass time and enjoy clicking fascinating images to add them to their collection. The techniques revolving around photography could be many.

Those who love to dig in-depth to master photography can do so. With the availability of local film developing labs, photographers relying on film cameras can get them developed suitably. And the must-know concept in film photography is about pushing and pulling films. Proper knowledge about this technique will help in creating the best picture collection.

What does pulling or pushing mean in film photography?

You must have noticed people uttering words like pushing or pulling when using film cameras. Not everyone shall know what it means. So, in simple terms, it is about shooting a film at a different ISO to the given box speed. Pushing is shooting at a higher box speed, whereas pulling is shooting at a lower box speed.

The involvement of light differs in both scenarios. Pulling requires more light, but pushing doesn’t than the expected light. To get the captured image developed from the film when including these techniques, it costs some change in chemical concentrations and/or time to develop a good film with all balancing factors.

Factors influencing the choice of pushing or pulling films

Varying reasons line up to justify the technique of pushing or pulling films. Getting to know the crux behind applying these methods will enhance the image quality of film cameras.

  • The first reason behind pushing or pulling film could be the environment a person which the film camera is used. Let’s say the place is dark, and you are required to increase the light with a faster shutter speed to get the best click of the situation you would need to push the film. It is over developing the film based on the requirements. On the other hand, you might be on a very bright day outside and need good pictures to cherish.

Adjusting the ISO to a comparatively lower value for blurring the background would be an ideal method, and pulling the film helps. It is nothing but under-developing the film or negative. Both cases are to balance the lighting considering the surroundings and ensuring the picture is good.

  • The next element could be the creativity of a person as it varies completely, and to address it, either pushing or pulling films shall come into action. They highly depend on the fast film developing process with their negative collection of captured images. The films can be different and capable of delivering varied grain, colour and contrast levels that could suit the creative minds of people. And with the adjustment possibilities, attaining the best images is possible considering the image requirements of a photographer.

If you love experimenting with film cameras and taking it to the next level, try pushing or pulling films, hand over your work to the local film developing labs and get the finest outcomes as expected.

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1. Place your film order on – select ‘Ship Negatives’ to get negatives returned (and prints, if you ordered them).

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2. The Gelatin drop-off box is directly across from the front desk. Place your order via the QR code on the box. Select ‘Ship Negatives’ to get negatives (and prints, if you ordered them) returned.

3. Take an envelope (or your own ziploc) from the front desk, bag up your film, and write your order number. Your film will head to Gelatin Labs!

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