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515 Valley St.
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    How do I drop-off and pickup my film?

    1. When placing your order, select “Local Pickup”
    2. Include your order number with your film in a securely sealed bag.
    3. Drop in our dedicated dropbox, located to the left of the entrance to the Map Building.
    4. After being emailed your scans, or notified that your order is ready for pickup, Schedule a Pickup

    How do I ship my film?

    1. After placing your order, locate your order number.
    2. Include your order number with your film in a secure box or bubble mailer. Ship to the lab via USPS, FedEx or UPS with tracking.
    3. We will send an email when your order has been received and started.



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    • Expanded film types, options, services
    • SuperPro hi-res scans
    • Get full control over customization

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