Comparing 35mm to 120 film

Nowadays, photography is done through digital cameras and smartphones. In earlier times, however, people used reels and films to capture pictures in the negative format before developing them. During those times, film reels of 35mm and 120 mm were used. But if you like the retro vibes of those brown tapes, you might still probably use them. Moreover, if you are thinking of delving into professional photography, then you might be using the 120mm film format.

35mm film format is a classic and the most popular film of all time. A lot of classic movies and documentaries have been recorded and filmed on 35mm films. However, the 120mm provides better quality and more clarity. But they were less popular and less in comparison. However, if you are still confused about which one you should choose, let us look at the points comparing 35mm to 120 films.

  • Pros and cons of 35mm film format: Using a 35mm film format for your camera is more accessible than a 120mm one. This is because it is affordable and is available in a larger number than the other film format. Many cameras are adaptable to the 35mm camera and if you are someone who does not have a lot of money to spend, you can go for this type of film format. The cameras are also very convenient to use and you can take a lot of photographs since the 35mm film can capture many shots in a single film. This can help you save on the reels as well. Moreover, many services offer to digitize the pictures you took with the camera.

However, the only disadvantage a 35mm film format camera has is the fact that it delivers pretty low-quality pictures if we compare it to other film formats, especially a 120mm film. Nevertheless, it can be an enjoyable experience using these types of film cameras.

  • Pros and cons of 120mm film format: The biggest advantage of using a 120mm film format is a large amount of space you can capture in a single photo. But this is not possible with a 35mm film format. That is why this type of film format is preferable for professionals who want to use analogue technology when they take pictures. It gives the pictures an almost 3D effect on the backgrounds. 

The disadvantage of this film format is the size and space. You will be able to take fewer shots per reel. That means you will have to buy multiple reels to capture many pictures and videos. Moreover, because of the size of these reels, the cameras supporting them are also bulkier in size. And they do not have much variety either. This can prove to be an expensive investment for a casual photographer. However, professionals might not find it inconvenient. But these pictures are easier to digitize and many companies offer the services. 

These are some advantages and disadvantages of both 35mm film format and 120mm film format. For people who are into photography as a casual hobby, the 35mm is the best option. However, 120mm film has better resolution and covers more space while capturing the picture, so it is preferable for professional photographers. 

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