Andrew Wilkinson has been engaged in film photography for the past year and a half, finding himself documenting mostly urban and rural landscapes, or the otherwise overlooked subjects he comes across while running daily errands. He hesitated getting into film photography for quite some time due to his own preconceived notion of thinking there was a need for prior technical expertise and education, totally discrediting the amount of fun to be had in the learning process between each roll. Amongst the genuine appreciation for the look of film, shooting the photo itself is so important to Wilkinson – the process/ritual is just as much gratifying to him as the outcome.

Andrew is based in Prescott, Arizona and you can follow his work @andwlkn.

All photos developed and scanned at Gelatin Labs. All shots taken from a roll Wilkinson used to photograph a good friend of his, and tattoo artist in 2018. The others were taken in-between the shoot, from the car.

Favorite Camera(s): Voigtlander Bessa-R
Favorite Film Stock(s): Kodak Gold, Ilford Delta