The art of film developing

Despite being the digital age where digital cameras are the trend, many still prefer older film cameras. However, due to the lack of film development of studios reducing in numbers, people are not able to transform their pictures into proper photographs. But there is nothing to worry about as gelatinlabs is there. In this article, we will dive into the art of film developing and how you can do it at home. You just need to get the right equipment and get started.

A dark room –

This is the first thing you need for developing the negative strips. Contrary to popular belief, you do not require any special set-up for a dark room. Just block out any source of light in your house and begin your work.

Chemicals –

You need certain chemicals to develop the films. They are a developer, bleach, toner, clearing powder, etc. While shopping, you can just look for the developing set and you will find everything together.

Other tools –

Liter bottles, measuring pitcher, thermometer, changing bag, scissors, fixer, stop bath, developing tank

After you have gathered all these things for the art of film developing, let us look at the process.

Mix the chemicals 

There will be instructions on how to mix the chemicals required to develop the photographs. Follow the instruction carefully and mix the chemicals using the measuring pitcher. Make sure to wear gloves while doing so. You will also need to add water, depending on the brand and let it sit overnight at room temperature.

Put everything in the changing bag –

The next step involves you using a darkroom, and the changing bag does just that. Load your film canister, film tank, scissors, and bottle opener into the bag carefully. Then insert your hand through the sleeves provided to work on opening the film canister with the bottle opener. Remove the reel from the tank, and cut off the rear end and the beginning part, that is the film leader.

Roll the reel into the film tank –

Be careful not to roll the reel on the opposite side of its curve. Gently roll it around the developing tank and place the lid tight so that there are no air bubbles when you put wash the reel. Then take it out of the changing bag and proceed to wash it. This part is very important because it decides the quality of your photographs. The water should be at room temperature when you fill the tank, and then shake the container a bit before draining the water.

Put the developer in the tank –

You will be provided instructions on the developer’s packet on how to properly do this process. You must follow the steps to the point to avoid any problems.

Add stop both and fixer before rinsing it out of the tank –

Once the developer is rinsed out, add stop bath and fixer in the tank and follow the instruction. After you do so, take out the reel and let it dry in the darkroom.

And there you have it. Guide on how to develop a film.

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