Intermission – Holiday Inspired

Lab Tracks are collections of music that we listen to while developing, scanning and printing your photos.

It’s the holiday homestretch, the perfect time to kick back with headphones on + noise cancel the remainder of 2020. [Listen in order with a generous crossfade • Curated by Ben Krueger @b.kru]

Ben isn’t the most holiday obsessed person you’ll meet, so he put together a list of tracks that he would want to listen to in the month of December and in the year 2020. He’ll be playing this assortment while developing your film, at least until 2021 rolls around the bend. See what we did there… “rolls”…

Anyway, you can check out Ben’s work on his Instagram @b.kru. He welcomes film photography inquiries or restaurant recommendations, takeout preferred.

Ben wants you to donate to the American Heart Association this holiday season.

Donate here: American Heart Association

Happy Holidays from Gelatin Labs!

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